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Why isn't the mic picking up the sound of my violin?
Why isn't the mic picking up the sound of my violin?

Microphone issues, app sound and audio

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Are you having trouble with the mic picking up the sound of your violin? Is the tuner in the app not registering your violin sound? Are you in perform mode and having mic issues?
Here are some possible causes:
1) Is your violin in tune? Use the tuner tool to check each open string. Revisit the Fundamentals Level to review "How to tune".
2) If no sound is being registered at all, make sure you have allowed Trala access to your mic in your device's settings.
3) Are you playing a song in perform mode? Your mic could be picking up the sound of the metronome or Trala's backing track. Be sure you are using headphones while doing these exercises so the app is only hearing your violin.
4) Using an electric violin? Plugging your violin into an amp should solve this issue.
5) If none of those ideas work, please try a hard reset of the app and updating to the latest version of the app.
6) Still no? Describe to us what you're experiencing. We definitely want to solve this issue for you.

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