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What is Trala?

What is the Trala School of Music? How is it unique?

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What is Trala School of Music?

Trala is a tech-powered online music school, connecting music students from all over the world to the best teachers - professional musicians with diverse backgrounds and musical expertise. Private instruction is one-on-one and occurs online using Zoom.

How is Trala different from other music schools?

  1. Trala is the first major method that prioritizes adult students.

  2. The Trala Method embraces and creates new technology to help our students.

  3. Trala uses current research in educational science to inform the Trala Method.

  4. Success at Trala is measured by each individual student's unique goals.

What is the Trala App?

Trala started as an app for learning violin at your own pace. The Trala app is a powerful supplement to private lessons that uses signal processing technology that listens to you play your instrument and gives you instant feedback. Each time you play, you get a score on pitch and tempo as well as real-time suggestions on how to improve. To learn more about the Trala app, click here. The app is completely free.

Students who are learning other instruments can still use the Trala app to manage their lessons, subscription, and account information.


Trala was founded in 2017 with the mission to make world-class music education accessible to every single person on Earth. Trala started as an app geared to help violinists practice and progress.

In 2022, The Trala School of Music was formed, connecting students with Trala teachers. To date, Trala has served over 400,000 students from 193 countries.

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