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How do I find a new teacher?

I'd like to try another teacher. How do I book another lesson with a new teacher?

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Trala is proud to have an amazing teacher community. You are always more than welcome to try different teachers out of curiosity or if you would like to find a better fit.

Where can I find out more about different teachers?

Learn more about all available Trala teachers here. If you are unsure about who to pick, you may also get in touch with your Enrollment Advisor about getting matched with another teacher.

How do I book a lesson with another teacher?

To book a lesson with a new teacher, simply click the "Schedule a lesson" button from "Lessons" tab on your account.

Note: If you click 'reschedule' on a lesson with your current teacher, the teacher will always default to them. Cancel the lesson first and then schedule a new lesson to view the full list of Trala teachers.

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