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How does Trala work?

How does payment work? What’s included in my subscription and how do I manage my subscription? What if I can’t make a lesson? And more…

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If your current subscription started before July 2024, click here for more information about some improvements we’ve made that may affect you.

How does billing work?

Trala is an automatic subscription service for online music lessons.

We offer 4 different types of lesson subscriptions:

  • Weekly 60 minute lessons (most popular)

  • Weekly 30 minute lessons

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute lessons

  • Bi-weekly 30 minute lessons

Your membership renews monthly based on the date your first lesson was scheduled to occur. As long as you are actively subscribed, you will have your regular weekly or biweekly lesson time automatically reserved and scheduled with your teacher indefinitely. You should see these future lessons already scheduled 45 days in advance, continuously, unless your teacher has a prior conflict.

You can change your regular recurring schedule time and/or teacher here.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in here.

What happens if either my teacher or I am unavailable for a lesson? (Reschedule)

If a lesson can’t be automatically scheduled (eg. your teacher is unavailable due to a holiday), the lesson will remain on your account as an "unscheduled lesson". You will be able to schedule that lesson at any available time on your teacher’s calendar for up to 90 days. Log in to to do this.

If you are unable to make a scheduled lesson (eg. you have a calendar conflict with work or vacation), as long as you cancel 24 hours before your lesson, you will be able to reschedule it at any other available time for up to 90 days.

Note: To guarantee that your lesson can be rescheduled in the future, you must cancel your lesson 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled to occur. Any lessons canceled within 24 hours could be forfeited.

Common Questions about How Trala Works:

How can I pause my subscription?

Trala does not have a specific “pause” feature. In order to pause, you must cancel your subscription. Your subscription will expire at the end of the current billing period. When you are ready to return, simply return to your online Trala account and select “Resubscribe” on Billing will begin again on the date you resubscribe.

Note: If you have any unscheduled lessons on your account you would like to take while your subscription is canceled, be sure to schedule those before your subscription expires! You can only schedule your unscheduled lessons while your subscription is active.

Upon canceling your subscription, any remaining unscheduled lessons on your account will be valid for up to 90 days. If you return to your Trala membership within 90 days, those unscheduled lessons will still be on your account and available for you to schedule!

If you need help on a specific student situation, please reach out to

What if I need more/longer lessons than my current subscription is providing?

If you want more lessons or longer lessons, you may always upgrade your subscription! Students can upgrade at Click here to learn more.

Can I just pay for lessons as I go?

Trala is a subscription service and does not offer any "pay as you go" or "a la carte" options. Trala is a monthly membership subscription. We find that regularly recurring lessons and consistency greatly increase the likelihood of success for students!

What if I want to change my teacher or try another instrument?

It’s great to explore, and we’re here to help! If you know which teacher you’d like to try, you can do so by creating a new schedule at However, a free 15 minute chat with one of our Enrollment Advisors is probably the best way to learn more about which teachers are able to teach the instrument you have in mind, and which are the best match for your style and availability preferences. Email to schedule a call!

Do you offer group courses?

Yes. Some teachers will offer additional courses (paid) focusing on everything from instrument basics to improvisation. These courses are a great way to learn in a community setting, and tend to have special elements for learning how to express yourself creatively. Visit to see which courses are coming up.

Does Trala offer in-person lessons?

Trala is an online music school. All lessons and classes are taught online by world-class teachers using Zoom. If you're interested in supplementing your online experience with in-person instruction, talk to your teacher or contact Student Support and we can guide you toward a recommended school or teacher in your area.

How can I make the most of my subscription beyond private lessons?

  • Keep an eye out for the regular student newsletter. It will include zoom links to free community links, practice sessions, and social virtual gatherings.

  • Participate in our no-judgement recitals. Students find recitals help hold themselves accountable, and are also just extremely supportive events. Learn more at or watch previous recitals on our YouTube page.

Join our Discord community, and find other Trala students for inspiration, support, tips, games, and to set up group practice and performance sessions. Click here to join.

If you have questions on special concerns, reach out to !

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