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How do I improve my score in Trala?
How do I improve my score in Trala?

How is my score calculated?

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Are you wondering why you can't score higher than a 90%? Maybe you're curious about how your score is calculated and what factors go into your score?

The score is based on your accuracy with pitch and rhythm within each exercise. Also, we relatively recently updated the app to greatly increase the strictness in grading accuracy for pitch and rhythm and to help you become a stronger violinist.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Getting a lower score doesn’t mean you’re getting worse or not learning. It does mean that you’re getting a deeper and more accurate level of feedback on your pitch and rhythm.
2. This is one of our most-requested updates from Trala students and teachers. Our new scoring system is a little tougher, but that tough love will help you learn and improve more quickly than before.
3. If you play during a rest, your score will go down. To give you a better understanding of rhythm, we’ll let you know when you’re playing where there should be silence. Remember that a great musician doesn't just hit the right notes, they also play them at the right time!
4. You can improve your score by playing right away when you see the boxes, sustaining through the entire length of the boxes, but also stopping your bow in time for rests and different lengths of notes.

TIP: If you are playing in Perform mode without headphones, the app may be picking up the metronome or backing track, which could negatively affect your score. Wearing headphones is the best solution for this.

Your private lesson teacher can also certainly give advice on how to perfect your performance. And, if you’d like, feel free to send us a screen recording (with microphone on) at of you playing a song and we can take a look to see what could be improved.

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