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What do I need to do before my first lesson?
What do I need to do before my first lesson?
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Welcome to Trala! We're so excited for you to take this next step in your musical journey.

Before your first lesson, go through the short checklist below:

โœ… Is Zoom set up for music mode?

Online lessons require a device that connects to the internet and supports audio and video. A computer is best, but a tablet or phone will work too! Install Zoom on your device and turn on 'High Fidelity Music Mode' in your Zoom audio settings. Need help? View this article here.

Note: make sure you have the latest version of Zoom downloaded. If you need to update your Zoom version, click here for instructions

โœ… Do you see your upcoming lesson in your online account or in the app?

Logging in at is the best place to view your lesson schedule and view the Zoom link to join your lessons! Before your first lesson, be sure you are able to login and see the date and time of your upcoming lesson.

โœ… Do you have your violin?

If not, no worries! If you do not have your violin in time for your first lesson, the time will still be extremely productive. You'll meet your teacher, discuss music goals, and start planning your violin journey!

โ“Need help with something before your first lesson?

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