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I'm in the Zoom lesson, but where is my teacher?
I'm in the Zoom lesson, but where is my teacher?
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If you have logged onto your lesson, and your teacher hasn't joined yet, there are a few things you can check.

Are you in the Zoom link for the correct lesson?

Each lesson has a separate Zoom link. Be sure you are in the link associated with this lesson. To be sure, log in to and click the link on the "Lessons" page.

Is the time correct?

Do you have the correct time for the lesson? Double check your account online for the correct time and time zone. If the time zone is incorrect, please contact your teacher or

Everything looks right, but you still don't see your teacher

If the lesson date, time and time zone are all correct but you still don't not see your teacher join the lesson, please contact them immediately. If it's only a few minutes, they may be running a bit late from another lesson. If it is more than a few minutes and you haven't heard from them, we encourage you to contact your teacher directly.

If you're having trouble with Zoom, make sure you've downloaded the latest version! For instructions on how to do this, click here

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