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Why was I charged a different amount?

Why did my bill increase? Why was my payment higher this month?

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Did you recently upgrade your subscription?

If you signed up, but then upgraded your subscription, the price may have increased. To view your subscription type log in to your account at

Did you sign up on a promotion?

If you signed up on a seasonal promotional offer (like 25% off your first month), your renewal will be at the full price.

If you'd like to change your subscription to more closely align with the original price you paid, you may always change subscription types under the "Account & Subscription" tab in your online account. You may also pause your subscription to delay future payments. Learn more about managing your billing and subscription here.

Did you pay a deposit when signing up?

If you initially paid a deposit amount to set up your subscription and hold a slot, your first monthly charge will be for the remainder. The amount will be higher than the deposit amount to cover the remainder of your first month of lessons. To view your upcoming bills and bill dates, click the link here.

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