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Trala subscription updates (July 2024)

For all students who subscribed to Trala lessons before July 2024, here are some changes we've made that could affect your subscription

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As of July 2024, Trala has made some updates for all new students as well as existing students already on recurring schedules. We’ve found regular lesson times work the best for both teachers and students, to help with consistency and achieving your music goals! Think of it this way: with a Trala subscription, you have a “membership” to Trala, and it’s active as long as you are an active subscriber! No more worrying about how many lessons you have left or which lessons are under which month’s bill. As long as you are subscribed, you will have your regular weekly or biweekly time automatically reserved and scheduled with your teacher indefinitely.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Monthly Billing: Pricing will stay the same, but billing will occur monthly (rather than every 4 weeks) on the same calendar date. That means fewer billing renewals, so extra lessons at no extra cost (up to 4 per year!)

  • Schedule Farther in Advance: Recurring-scheduled lessons will extend 45 days out (rather than 30) to provide more consistency, as long as you stay subscribed

  • Expiration Date for Unscheduled Lessons: Unscheduled (make up) lessons will need to be scheduled within 90 days (rather than 365 days) from the time the lesson was originally canceled. Lessons can be scheduled online at or with the help of your teacher or Trala Support team. We want to encourage you to use all of your lessons, and want you to be able to continue building on your skills!

NOTE: If you already have some unscheduled lessons purchased prior to July 2nd 2024 on your account, these will remain at 365 days expiration from the date of purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions about these changes:

How do I reschedule a lesson?

Any students on a Recurring Schedule are still more than welcome to reschedule any conflicting dates through the same process you have been: logging in at or using the Trala app and clicking “Reschedule” on the lesson you want to change. You will have 90 days from the date the lesson is canceled to reschedule that lesson. We ask for 24 hours’ notice when canceling a lesson, otherwise we cannot guarantee it will be possible to reschedule your lesson.

If you miss a lesson or two and cannot cancel/reschedule that lesson 24 hours in advance, no sweat: now with up to 4 free lessons per year (for weekly subscribers, 2 lessons for bi-weekly subscribers), missing a few lessons is okay, and built into our subscription costs!

If you notice you've needed to cancel many of your scheduled lessons, it's possible you might want to downgrade your subscription, or temporarily cancel your subscription (we no longer offer the option to pause subscriptions, but not to worry! You can cancel your subscription for as long as you need). Click here to learn how to do this!

What if I have a lot of Unscheduled Lessons on my account?

We’ve omitted students with many unscheduled lessons on their accounts from this new program for now, so that you can use up those lessons before subscribing to a new recurring schedule subscription. If you need help manually scheduling your unscheduled lessons, reach out to us at Support and we’re happy to help! Any unscheduled lessons prior to July 2, 2024 will still have an expiration date 365 days from date of purchase.

What if a regular consistent schedule doesn’t work for me?

If your active subscription started prior to July 2024 and you are not on a recurring schedule, we will allow you to keep your existing plan. You’re free to continue using your lessons as you always have, scheduling as you go. Your billing cycle will continue to be every 4 weeks (or, 28 days).

If you do decide to get on a recurring schedule in the future, your subscription plan will change accordingly to reflect the changes listed above.

If you have questions on special concerns, reach out to !

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